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About the Ridgewood Market

Ridgewood Market is a cool, community-based artisan market in Ridgewood, Queens. We have over 40 curated vendors at every market in the historic ballroom of Gottscheer Hall, a German beer hall. There are also new vendors at every one of our events. Customers can purchase local, artisan, and vintage gifts. There is even food, canned goods, and pastries! You can order a beer, cocktails, and German food in the in the German beer hall.  There is live music, entertainment, raffles, games, and more. Our events are always kid and date Friendly! This is not your average market, this is a monthly happening in Ridgewood, Queens! Located inside the German beer hall, Gottscheer Hall. Also, there is always free entry. The award-winning market has been featured in New York Magazine, New York Times, Time Out NY, and many other news sources. In 2018, Ridgewood Market turned 5!


History of the Gottschee people: With the dissolution of the Austrian empire Gottschee was given to the newly formed country of Yugoslavia.  In 1941, Gottschee became a territory of Italy, as a result of a treaty between Germany and Italy.  Over 11,000 Gottscheers were relocated into a German-annexed sector known as Untersteiermark (Lower Styria), that had formerly belonged to the Austrian province of Styria until made a part of Yugoslavia in 1918.  At the end of World War II, when both Gottschee and Lower Styria were reclaimed by Yugoslavia, the people of Gottschee were made homeless and stateless and ended up as refugees and expellees in temporary camps in Austria.

Thousands of Gottscheers had come to the United States of America since the late 1800’s, settling mainly in New York and in Cleveland, Ohio.  In 1945, they started a large-scale movement to help their uprooted kinfolk in Europe, who eventually migrated to many countries.  Today, the largest number of Gottscheers and their descendants live in the United States of America; smaller numbers have settled in Canada, Austria, Germany, and some have found a new home in other countries.


About Gottscheer Hall: Serving Queens and the surrounding NYC area since 1924, Gottscheer Hall knows what it takes to make our customers happy. After all, they have been serving locals for over 75 years! Their ballroom features six crystal hanging chandeliers, and four crystal wall chandeliers, plush carpeting, an oversized dance floor, a stage for bands/DJ’s and mirrored walls adding a touch of elegance. At Gottscheer Hall, they take pride in their food through various regional and ethnic cuisines.