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PLEASE NOTE! These regulations maybe adjusted through the year.

If you are accepted, you will be added to two mailing lists: the first one for a specific date you are vending as well as the main mailing list for the Ridgewood Market. Please do not unsubscribe from the mailing list directly for the month you are vending ! If you do unsubscribe we may consider removing you as a vendor from the Ridgewood Market.


Gottscheer Hall
657 Fairview Ave, Ridgewood, NY 11385
Phone: (347)460-7549

VENDORS! We LOVE email! Please do not call us unless it is an emergency. We may not see your message until it is too late!

A majority of the Ridgewood Market events are monthly.

View our about page for photos of the space.

Ridgewood Market Vending Prices

Chairs are included with either purchase.

  • $69 for “Interior space” (Not against a wall) (9 foot space x 30 Inches)
    • Interior spaces must only be tables. Either vendors bring a table or we supply a table.
    • If vendor has more than a 17 Inches high on a table, vendor must purchase a wall space.


  • $79 for “Wall Space” (9 foot space x 30Inches)
    • If vendor has a clothes rack or furniture that blocks view of people coming into the vicinity, vendor must purchase a wall space.
    • If vendor has more than a 17 Inches high on a table, vendor must purchase a wall space.
    • If a vendor would like our provided 9 foot table and still want to bring a clothes rack or any other large display pieces…
    • If you have a 9 foot table you reserved as well as bringing a clothes rack, we would recommend instead with providing you with a 4ft table, so you can use your clothes rack in the reserved 9 feet of space. PLEASE contact us since we only can provide you with 9 feet of space.


  • $10 table rental
    • added to price to supply and set up a 9 foot table.
    • Please note some spaces are going to have 8 ft tables. Too many 9 footers might be purchased. There is not much difference.
    • Please make sure to purchase a table beforehand.
    • If you need a table on day of the market, it is $15 for table rental in cash instead of $10
    • We only have a certain number of tables and may not be able to provide you with a table on day of market.


  • All spaces must be reserved online beforehand.
  • No is space reserved, unless they have paid.
  • We only accept payments through our online forms.
  • If you would like to pay, you must email us beforehand & request links if they are available.
  • Cash or money order must be discussed thru email, but usually not allowed
  • We no longer allow vendors to switch spaces during an event.
    • AKA if you want to switch from a wall space to an interior space or to another interior space.




  • We do not allow vendors to use a canceled date they paid for, for upcoming dates
  • We no longer allow vendors to switch spaces during an event.
    • AKA if you want to switch from a wall space to an interior space or to another interior space.


  • IF you are sharing a table with someone, WE always ask IN the payment forms for you to notify us about who you are vending with. Please message us NOW. They are probably allowed, but I like to be informed beforehand for the layout.

Ridgewood Market Set-Up and Tear-Down Times:

Gottscheer Hall does not allow set up the day before since they have events on the weekend. Please set up on the day of.

WORD OF ADVICE: Come early if you need something! Parking is on the street, and it is hard to get a spot sometimes since our area is residential.

  • Sunday Afternoon Market:
    • Setup is 8 A.M. – 10:30 A.M.
    • Starting time for the Sunday market is at 11 A.M.
    • Sunday afternoon tear-down will be around 4-5 P.M.


  • Saturday Night Market:
    • Set up time is at 2:00 PM. – 4:30 P.M.
    • Starting time for the Saturday market is at 5 P.M.
    • Saturday night tear-down time will be around 11 P.M.

  • Place Cards
    • Majority of the time we have place cards with your name on the table when you arrive.
    • Because of time constraints sometimes we don’t and we’ll just guide you to your space.
    • We place you in the best spot we think would serve you best. Please be appreciative.

  • Late Penalties
    • As of January 2016, There will no longer be late fees.
      • Instead, there is a 3 strike system.
      • If you are late you will not be allowed back at the market for 6 months.
    • If you DO NOT call or email us and are a “no show” YOU will not be allowed back.
    • If a vendor arrives after setup time, they are late
    • If vendor does not contact us on cancellation on day of market they are a “No Show”
    • It is unfair to fellow vendors and customers to have an empty table or be late upon arrival
    • There is no longer a cancellation policy, you must show up



  • IF you are running late PLEASE CALL US or EMAIL US.
  • IF you cannot come on day of the market PLEASE CALL US or EMAIL US.

We understand there are emergencies, but leaving us in the dark is not cool. We do our best to make empty spaces disappear and filling your spot is a lot of work. We are not a gym membership. We are a small business. And we remember! SO please remember that.

  • If you DO NOT call or email us and are a “no show” YOU will not be allowed back.
  • If you are late three times in a row, you will not be allowed back at the market for 6 months.

Also, when we call you to find out if you are coming or not, PLEASE pick up.

Tear-Down Time Details

  • Tear down time depends on traffic!
  • Sarah will announce closing time.
  • Clean up your area and throw any garbage out.
  • Please clean up your area until all garbage is thrown out.
  • You ARE NOT permitted to tear down early without permission.
  • Leaving early is distracting and bad for any business….especially yours.



  • Starting in 2017 of SEPTEMBER… IF YOU leave early, you are NOT allowed back.
  • If you try to pack without us knowing, we will publicly confront you about the situation.
  • You MUST start packing when Sarah says you are allowed to.
    • If she says pack at 10, you start packing at 10. NOT 9:30.
    • Whatever your experience was at the market, you MUST follow the rules.

Rules to Work With Each Other:

  • Are you feeling uncomfortable or threatened by someone? Is there shoplifting taking place?
    • Vendors come first before anyone.
    • If a customer of yours or someone is making you feel uncomfortable, please come up to Sarah and discuss the situation, or flag her to come over to your table.
    • You can even text her!
    • Even if they aren’t a customer, we have a security guard and Sarah values your peace of mind.
    • REMEMBER! We have a security guard, and if all else fails, Sarah can kick some real emotional behind. Nothing physical, will just get that person who is harassing you to go away.
    • Is it children messing with your stuff? No problem, Sarah will get the parents.
    • Feel special? Yes you should.


  • Complaining
    • As of January 2016, complaining to us passively on the day of is no longer allowed during the market. We do our best to serve you with very minimal staff so please be appreciative.
    • It is inconsiderate of all the work we do.
    • It will affect your chances of joining us at the next market.
    • Please email us the day after if you have some something to say.
      • Complaining about pace of market (our market is always busy)
      • Complaining about price of market (our vending prices are fair)
      • Complaining to staff of market passively or in ear shot is not allowed (it hurts our feelings)
      • Complaining that you did not make much money (it probably means you need some help vending)
      • Complaining about market to other vendors is not allowed (that brings people down, like a bad banana in a fruit basket)
        • Add them to Facebook and contact them THE DAY AFTER.


  • Speaking of complaining, here are some acceptable things to discuss with staff of market, BUT please read over regulations first! We probably covered it.
    • Volume of speaker
    • Someone making you feel uncomfortable
    • A vendor bothering you
    • The lights
    • The temperature of the room
    • Shoplifting
    • Vending advice.
    • We are nice, but strict… but we care!


  • BUT I did not do well at the market this month 🙁
    • AFTER the market is over, please message us.
      • Talking about what is working and what is not takes time and focus.
    • Sarah vends to see how the flow of people and exchange of cash is doing.
    • Sometimes she does well on slow days and does Ok on busy days.
    • Let’s make you more successful.
    • 🙂 Let’s figure out what is working and what is not together!
    • Download this vendor guide for better sales at our market!
    • Click here to for a FREE booklet on how to get into our market and to vend!
    • Also, quick questions to ask yourself,
      • Are you selling the products you advertised through the waiting list, or something else?
      • Are your items priced well? Are your items visually priced?
      • Did you read the guide books from above?
      • Did you market your business for your customers to come visit you?
      • How was your display?
    • BECAUSE even if it isn’t the questions below, it might be a quick fix, so contact us!


  • BUT I can’t afford the table all by myself anymore
    • We try to keep it as affordable as possible, but with advertising, marketing, and a ton of work, it is actually a worthwhile table.
    • We are big advocates on sharing tables
    • Please message us about other options. We want you to be at the Ridgewood Market!


  • Conduct
    • We have the right to:
      • To ask vendors or customers to leave the premises if they are causing any sort of problems that are unacceptable or unreasonable.
      • To not allow vendors to attend the next market dates, if vendors are a “no show” or are tardy
      • To deny vendors acceptance into the market, at any time, even after the application is accepted.


  • Haggling is allowed. Just be fair.
  • Vendors are recommended to have the correct licenses, Tax IDs, etc. necessary to sell their goods.
  • Please use common sense

Gottscheer Hall’s Regulations

  • If you are using electricity via wall space,
    • YOU MUST bring an extension cord, and an outlet adapter.
    • Be advised! SOME outlets do not work!
    • Please do not use anything that is a FIRE HAZARD


  • Do not play with the air conditioning units.
    • Please reach out to GH staff to adjust temperature.


    • BLUE PAINTERS TAPE should be the only tape used on walls!!
    • DO NOT take down picture frames on Gottscheer’s walls.
    • NO thumb taks, nails, anything
    • Please ASK before you want to put anything on walls!!
  • No GLITTER ALLOWED! (Hard to sweep)
  • Music being played from your table is not allowed.
  • We are not serving alcohol before noon.
  • NO canopies allowed
  • We might rent an ATM in the future, otherwise we have bodegas nearby.
  • There is NO WIFI, please use the mobile hotspot on your smart phone


  • Lighting:
    • DO NOT mess with lights.
    • Please note! Please bring lamps that are battery powered.
      • It will help your table. Do not use any lamps or anything that could start a fire! If you need lamp recommendations… let us know!

Food Vendors

  • You must sell ALL of  your food in plastic containers, wrapped in plastic etc.
    • It cannot be served out in the open.
    • Everything must be contained .


  • Gottscheer Hall does not allow heated food cooked on premises


  • FOOD VENDORS must have the correct permits, licenses, and insurances etc. for serving food.
  • MUST be knowledgeable of NYC DOH regulations and standards for food prep and service.
  • A plus BUT not required to enter: food Handler certificate and access to a licensed kitchen for prep. Optional: ServSafe Food Handler’s Certificate
  • Please look over department of health hygiene handbook DOH on!


  • Please do not use electronic cooking or any other sort of equipment that are fire hazards.
  • PLEASE wear gloves when serving food! Use tongs and other tools. Check the temperature for food!
  • If you have ice…don’t dump in sinks!

Other Stuff  You Should Read Over

  • Items Allowed
    • Antique goods
    • Vintage clothing, collectibles, and goods (Vintage = 20 years or more)
    • Vintage designer goods
    • Artwork
    • Artisan crafted goods
    • Handmade goods
    • Handmade jewelry
    • Handmade clothing and accessories
    • Homemade edible delicacies
    • Screen-printed articles or items
    • Vintage records, books, vintage electronics
    • Candles are allowed, but must not be lit
    • Knit items and crocheted items
    • Email us for further suggestions:
    • You can fill your table with products unadvertised in your application, if they are allowed.


  • Items Not Allowed
    • Wholesale items for resale
    • Anything Overtly Sexual And Uncomfortable For Kids
    • New designer goods or knockoffs
    • Mass produced goods
    • Collectibles that are not vintage
    • Garage sale junk (you know…that broken hair dryer is totally worthless.)
    • Large furniture or anything that takes over lots of space.
    • Food that is quickly perishable
    • Nothing with bed bugs or dirty
    • No weapons, illegal drugs, etc.
    • No lit candles or open flames
    • Anything else you consider deemed unfit or unsafe
    • Products like Avon, Tupperware, Mary Kay from multi-level marketing companies
    • Craft supplies or kits you did not create yourself, AKA DO NOT sell products from Michaels, art supply stores, hardware stores: balls of yarn, bags of beads, plants that have not been potted, fabric squares, anything that has not been worked on with your hands.


The Ridgewood Market Checklist

  • Always bring:
    • Your Merchandise
    • Something durable and easy to carry your products in
    • Lovely display materials like cigar boxes, wood pieces, or frames to prop items (risers)
    • Pens, pencils, and permanent markers
    • A notebook
    • Pricing accessories
    • A calculator
    • Something to keep money safe, like a pouch or fanny-pack
    • Personal necessities
    • Business cards
    • Scissors
    • Measuring tape
    • Tape
    • Bags or boxes for your merchandise
    • Bring an extension cord if you really need to
    • If you need a table cloth, we recommend buying some fabric.


  • Market Tips:
    • Have an attractive display.
    • If they don’t see it, you don’t sell it! Put things on “risers”.
    • Price reasonably.
    • Have a range of cheap to expensive items…remember, this is Queens, not Soho.
    • Watch the other vendors and network.
    • Try to always be standing, keep your hands from your hips, and smile.
    • Be nice. Compliments and small talk always brings in customers
    • If you think your space is not lit well enough BRING LAMPS!