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Items You May Sell:

Antique Goods

Vintage Clothing, Collectibles, And Goods

Second Hand Vintage Goods

Vintage Designer Goods


Artisan Crafted Goods

Handmade Goods

Handmade Jewelry

Handmade Clothing And Accessories

Homemade Edible Delicacies

Homemade Food

Screen-printed Articles Or Items

Vintage Records, Books, Vintage Electronics


Knit Items And Crocheted Items

And More!

Items Not Allowed:

Wholesale Items For Resale

New Designer Goods Or Knockoffs

Mass Produced Goods

Collectibles That Are Not Vintage

Garage Sale Junk (you Know…broken Hair Dryer)

Large Furniture Or Anything Big

Food That Is Quickly Perishable

Food That Needs To Be Heated Or Cooked On Spot

Food MUST be sold packaged (aka in wrapped in plastic or in containers)

Nothing With Bed Bugs, Toxic, Or Dirty

No Weapons, Illegal Drugs, Etc.

No Lit Candles Or Open Flames

Anything that smells

Anything Else Deemed Unfit Or Unsafe

Avon, Tupperware, Etc. From Multi-level Companies

Anything Overtly Sexual And Uncomfortable For Kids

Craft supplies or kits you did not create yourself, AKA DO NOT sell products from Michaels, art supply stores, hardware stores: balls of yarn, bags of beads, plants that have not been potted, fabric squares, anything that has not been worked on with your hands.

• Chairs are included with either purchase.

• $69 for “Interior space” (Not against a wall) (9 foot space)
– Interior spaces must only be tables. Either vendors bring a table or we supply a table.
– If vendor has more than a 17 Inches high on a table, vendor must purchase a wall space.

• $79 for “Wall Space” (9 foot space)
– If vendor has a clothes rack or furniture that blocks view of people coming into the vicinity, vendor must purchase a wall space.
– If vendor has more than a 17 Inches high on a table, vendor must purchase a wall space.
– If a vendor would like our provided 9 foot table and still want to bring a clothes rack or any other large display pieces…
-If you have a 9 foot table you reserved as well as bringing a clothes rack, we would recommend instead with providing you with a 4ft table, so you can use your clothes rack in the reserved 9 feet of space. PLEASE contact us since we only can provide you with 9 feet of space.

• $10 table rental
– added to price to supply and set up a 9 foot table.
– Please note some spaces are going to have 8 ft tables. Too many 9 footers might be purchased. There is not much difference.
– Please make sure to purchase a table beforehand.
– If you need a table on day of market, it is $15 for table rental in cash
– We only have a certain number of tables and may not be able to provide you with a table on day of market.

• All spaces must be reserved online beforehand.
– No is space reserved, unless they have paid.
– Payments must be made beforehand online

• Cash or money order must be discussed thru email, but usually not allowed

• We no longer allow vendors to switch spaces during an event. AKA if you want to switch from a wall space to an interior space.



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  • If you do not hear from us in 2-4 weeks, it likely means you were not accepted.
  • We recommend trying to email again for following market dates.
  • This is NOT the application form. We will send you the application if you are accepted.
  • VENDORS! We LOVE email! Please do not call us unless it is an emergency. We may not see your message until it is too late!

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