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“Greetings! Where is Ridgewood Market located?”

Please view our homepage for locations, event times, and dates.

Sometimes you will find the Ridgewood Market creating cool artisan bazaars and flea markets at venues like:

Nowadays, The Historic Onderdonk House, The Footlight, and even Queens Public Schools…

So, yes, Ridgewood Market used to have a permanent location inside inside Gottscheer Hall.

Maybe we will be back someday 🙂

We just decided to try out new things and experiment.

Sometimes we gotta spread our wings… grow and explore.

But if you need to mail stuff to us, we have a PO Box now!

Mail to:

Sarah Feldman C/O Ridgewood Market
6060 Myrtle Ave PO Box 864087
Ridgewood, NY 11385